Pine Nook Daylilies

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Prices for 2018

Daylilies for 2018
are $10.00 each
for doublefan plants
or larger
when available.

See top section of the 2018 Color Listing page for more details.

Open by Appointment

I will dig from May 1st through August 31st. Please call or email to set up a day and time to visit that is convenient for you. Or call ahead to reserve your choices. The daylilies will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Detailed Listing - 2013

Pine Nook Daylilies Detailed Listing 2013 PDF


BLOOM SEASON: (average time blooms begin in Temperature Zone 5) EE-Late May, E-Early June, EM-Late June thru Early July, M-Mid July, ML-Early August, L-Late August, VL-Fall

FOLIAGE HABIT: D(dormant)-foliage dies back in winter, SEV(semi-evergreen)-during the winter, stays evergreen in the south/goes dormant in the north, EV(evergreen)-green year round in the south, less hardy in the north.

OTHER TERMS: TET(tetraploids)-daylily plant with 2 sets of chromosomes, RE-rebloom, FRAG-fragrant, NOC(nocturnal)-buds open late in the afternoon and remain open thru all or part of the next day, EXT-open 16+ hours, GT-green throat, YT-yellow throat, PETALS-upper 3 petaloids, SEPALS-bottom 3 petaloids, TEPALS-both the petals and sepals, SELF-tepals are all the same color/throat is different, COMPLETE SELF-all parts of the flower are the same color, BI TONE-sepals are one color/petals another, PICOTEE-an edge around the rim that is a different color than the tepals, *NEW this year at Pine Nook.